• vb078 @ get_single_cat()
    2013-08-16 @ 1:45 e m

    quick finding a solution for linking get_category_link(get_single_cat(‘ID’))
    maybe you have some best one ?!

    I searching for multiple category display in the loop right now :)

    Thx you for reading me !

  • vb078 @ get_single_cat()
    2013-08-16 @ 1:38 e m

    Hello :)
    I would like to make it with links (linked cat name), It’s possible?
    Optionaly can you help with child cat names? (not single)

    Thank you so much
    (adding display-posts-shortcode categories)

  • Hugh @ Add to Header
    2013-07-11 @ 1:13 f m

    Great plugin. Thanks! I’m happy to make donation to help support this plugin.

  • omid @ get_depth()
    2013-07-08 @ 8:10 f m

    very good peace of code :D
    as for idea i when i was using your code in my theme i face a situation that i have to show categorys only on parent categorys (not last node of category).so i modify your code a bit to check if current category is a parent category or what i ended up with:
    if (is_category() ) :
    $this_category = get_category($cat);
    //get sub categories of current category
    $cat_childs = get_categories(array(‘child_of’=>$this_category->cat_ID));
    if (sizeof($cat_childs) > 0) : return true;
    hope to be usefull for someone.
    endif; …

  • Clint Crocker » @ Add a Javascript warning before delete
    2013-03-17 @ 11:18 e m

    Absolutely brilliant. This is the cleanest implementation of a warning box I have ever seen. Very nice.

  • Ootes @ get_permalink_by_name()
    2013-03-14 @ 1:15 e m

    This is my approach for the same problem

    function get_permalink_by_title($title){
    $page = get_page_by_title($title);
    $pageID = $page->ID;
    $permalink = get_permalink($pageID);
    return $permalink;

  • Wordpress Sayfa numarası verme eklenti » @ WP Paging
    2013-02-12 @ 1:27 e m

    […] WordPress page number download sitesinden indirmemiz gerekiyor, daha sonra Plugins/ yeni menüsünden eklentimizi […]

  • KHOKON » @ HTML / CSS centered menu
    2013-02-09 @ 9:01 e m

    Thaks, This tricks is working fine for me!

  • suji kumar » @ HTML / CSS centered menu
    2013-02-02 @ 10:01 f m

    thanks boss.its really working

  • Chris @ HTML / CSS centered menu
    2013-02-01 @ 10:39 f m

    Many thanks. It worked straight out of the box. I used it in a Word Press 2012 child theme and it’s fine on PC and tablet. Needs some work for mobile compatibility. Great simple piece of code thanks….