HTML5 Resources

2010-07-20 @ 18:19

HTML5 is the new HTML standard. Here comes resources for HTML5. It’s ment to grow.


CSS3 Tricks Resources

2010-07-19 @ 18:21

CSS3 creates new possibilities. Here is a list of great CSS3 articles.

  • altado
    2011-02-28 @ 13:57

    Thanks for This CSS3 Featurelist...

    regards mark

CSS2 Tricks Resources

2010-07-19 @ 18:13

This list of CSS resources will be updated when new great CSS tricks are found.


PixelGrid X

2010-01-16 @ 15:22

The advantage of a grid system in HTML / CSS is that you have more control over your site. It makes you work faster and more exact.

  • Tdude
    2010-07-08 @ 09:23

    Keep up the good work with grids! I've probably tried them all, but stuck with the easy and lightweight 1kb Grid. I don't need to remember widths...

  • Anita
    2010-02-01 @ 06:02

    Each time I try to look at a demo or preview I get a 404.


HTML / CSS centered menu

2010-01-16 @ 15:00

It’s not very easy to create a topmenu as a list with centered list style elements. However it’s possible and here is how to do it.

    2013-02-09 @ 21:01

    Thaks, This tricks is working fine for me!

  • suji kumar
    2013-02-02 @ 10:01

    thanks boss.its really working

  • Chris
    2013-02-01 @ 10:39

    Many thanks. It worked straight out of the box. I used it in a Word Press 2012 child theme and it's fine on PC and tablet. Needs some work for [...]


2010-01-16 @ 14:57

Did you know that CSS3 supports text shadows? A text shadow is what it sounds like, a shadow to a text, from all possible angles.


How do I set text-decoration: underline to dotted or dashed? Don’t use text-decoration at all. Use border-bottom on the anchor tag instead.

  • Patrick
    2012-10-24 @ 04:02

    Hi Tobi,

    You can remove all the images borders inside of a link tag by doing the following

    a img{
    border: none;

  • Tobi
    2012-03-17 @ 13:47

    What about pictures? If I use this, I get dotted underlines under a picture, if it's linked. Can I remove these, without giving the anchor-tag a specific class?

  • Quang
    2012-03-03 @ 07:47

    Yeah. Its nice trick.
    @Alex let forget IE6 plz.


Do you add multiple stylesheets in your HTML file? Instead of putting multiple rows of data in your HTML file, add them into your CSS file.

  • Nushae Fahey
    2010-01-27 @ 16:41

    I wouldn't use a blanket "don't do this" statement here. There are two reasons why you would (and should) use multiple stylesheet links instead of @import:

    1) alternate media stylesheets, for [...]


Disable anchor dotted border

2010-01-16 @ 14:30

In Firefox there is a border around the anchor element when it’s clicked. You can get rid of this dotted anchor border by disable it in CSS.

  • Prasanna
    2010-11-14 @ 07:09

    Thanks a lot , I goggled for 2 hours to find the solution finally got it here.

  • BD
    2010-11-05 @ 22:56

    this does not work in IE 8, FF 3.6 nor any version of Opera. bummer

  • Frank8u0
    2010-10-02 @ 23:19

    Thanks man, simple and clean. amazing little thing.


Do you add a class called ”clear” after floated elements to get the background to go all the way down? Use overflow:hidden instead.

  • pe3sos
    2010-05-22 @ 12:35

    i test this but is not fixed for IE6 in FF3.5 works good, thanks

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